Help Your Child to Master Maths

Fear of maths is such a common issue and one that could hold children back from having choices in life.  This workshop is designed for parents to share strategies and resources to help young children get off to the right start with maths and numbers.   The workshop is aimed at parents of children aged 0-10 and will not include information specific to any exams.

Research now shows us that maths should not be an elitist subject and yet, for so many, it remains a source of anxiety and embarrassment.  Number-sense and a love of maths can be nurtured from very early on through play and fun.

Often children (and adults!) become good at hiding their lack of understanding of maths so that problems accumulate.  If you feel that your child is not quite grasping the basic concepts of maths, however old they are, then this workshop should be of help.

If the very word 'maths' strikes fear into your child's mind please take comfort from the fact that everyone can grow to feel more comfortable and confident, given the right support.

Finally, you can rest assured that I will not be testing anyone's maths during the workshop!



Help Your Child to Master Maths

Dates for upcoming sessions

Location Date Places  
Haywards Heath TBC 2:00pm - 4:00pm 3