Integrating Writing into Your Home Education

Since starting to home-educate my own children three years ago, I have relished supporting them in learning to read, become competent mathematicians and many other skills. The one really critical skill that I always felt was neglected (until the last year) was writing. I spent lots of time looking at workbooks and other horrors, and just knew that most of them would absolutely kill my eldest son’s love of words.

What we needed was a totally personalised approach (after all, that’s how we do everything around here!), strategies that would fit with a child-led ethos but that would support us all in improving their writing without seeming a chore. I have now devised a number of home-ed friendly approaches and have successfully trialled them within our own family. Eureka!

This session will share the techniques and some useful resources, provide home-educators with some time to reflect on how to incorporate writing into their own home-ed approach and lots of camaraderie.



Integrating Writing into Your Home Education

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