Supporting and Challenging Advanced Learners

This workshop is suitable for parents, home-educators and teachers.  

What people frequently do not realise is that teaching (or being) an advanced learner can cause just as many difficulties as having a learning disability.  If left unchallenged in their work, advanced learners can fail to take on board how to work hard and will simply coast through school.  When they hit a challenge, such as A Level, it can come as shock and some lack the study skills to achieve what they want to achieve.

My work as a "Gifted and Talented" Coordinator in schools, followed by working as a Senior Lecturer in Education and subsequently as an Educational Consultant, has given me wonderful opportunities to work with a range of children and parents.  I am constantly searching for good quality resources that can challenge all learners, including the most advanced, without causing disruption and extra work for teachers.  During the workshop we will explore many aspects of advanced learning.  If you have specific requirements that you would like me to address please email me when booking.



Supporting and Challenging Advanced Learners

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